JPI Urban Europe: Citizen inclusive PEDs in 4 existing urban areas, implementation and certification as replication

Project Details


Citizen4PED aims to develop four “positive energy districts” (PED) in four urban areas existing ones located in Belgium, Austria and Italy. The consortium works on several dimensions for the development of these developing countries: technical and energy aspects, citizen involvement, level political and regulatory.
Particular attention is paid to the involvement of citizens, considered the main
success factor for the long-term operations of developing countries. Social inclusion is a characteristic important part of the study since social housing is present on 3 sites. The involvement of users and stakeholders is studied and integrated at all stages of the development of the PED: planning, implementation and operation. The regulatory and political aspects are the subject of a particular study, in particular by including municipalities and regional administrations.
To ensure the replication of good practices from the proposed project, the consortium will work on a new quality standard jointly with CENELEC. Subsequently, the four PEDs participate in the certification process.

Short title or EU acronymCitizens4PED
Effective start/end date1/11/2231/10/25


  • social inclusion
  • energy communities
  • urban transition
  • certification of PED
  • Citizen Participation

Flemish discipline codes

  • Thermodynamic processes