KIIP: Knowledge In International Perspective

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Over the past years, the Centre for Logic and Philosophy of Science has
focussed more and more on the study of history and philosophy of
knowledge, an emerging discipline that brings together historians and
philosophers of a variety of academic disciplines. Unfortunately,
despite its excellent research profile and the recent acquisition of an
ERC Starting Grant holder, the centre’s activities are little known
internationally. This project seeks to address that issue in two ways: 1)
by organising a longstanding and continuing seminar series that will
bring to Brussels worldwide experts in all relevant fields of knowledgeresearch, and 2) by promoting the centre’s research and activities at
conferences abroad. The seminar series will commence in the autumn
of 2023 and run for four years, with the final series in the academic
year 2026/27, by which time its success will guarantee its continuity.
During the same period, the project will support researchers connected
with the Centre to present their research abroad, and promote the
Centre’s research and teaching activities. Combined with these
promotional activities, the seminar series will put the Centre and hence
the study of history and philosophy of knowledge at the VUB at the
forefront, drawing in international academic talent. As a result, the
Centre will firmly put itself on the map as one of the world’s foremost
research institutes in history and philosophy of knowledge and be a
serious candidate for EU actions such as Marie Sklodowka-Curie and
Effective start/end date1/04/2331/03/27


  • History of Science
  • History and Philosophy of Knowledge

Flemish discipline codes in use since 2023

  • Philosophy of humanities
  • Philosophy of technology
  • General philosophy of science
  • Philosophy of natural sciences
  • History of ideas


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