Knowledge Platform Diversity, Urbanity and Citizenship (DSB) Mechelen - Kennisplatform Hannah Arendt Instituut

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This project includes the development of a knowledge platform in which academic and managerial knowledge and experience become bundled and valorised about the challenges of urban living together, about the relationship between community formation and community building, about renewed democracy with respect for both shared legality as a respect for the difference, about the importance of the local scale on an elementary ecosystem level and the possibilities for sustainable transition, circular grounded economy and multicultural citizenship, and about the upgrading existing infrastructures and services through innovative technology to support them opportunities. Today, such an interdisciplinary knowledge platform does not exist in Flanders, which ensures fragmentation, poor knowledge transfer and insufficient scale to create real impact. The requested project grant serves to start up and coordinate the platform, the rollout of a first research agenda optimization of knowledge flow on opportunities and problems related to integration, citizenship & social stability through formal and informal urban networks, consisting of three parts, and the implementation of a communication and training strategy. The research results from within this application set up components are stand-alone results of the project, which will be provided by the administration evaluated with a view to possible additional assignments.
Effective start/end date1/01/2031/12/21


  • Diversiteit
  • stedelijkheid
  • burgerschap

Flemish discipline codes

  • Communication sciences not elsewhere classified