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The pilot project aims to support innovative care initiatives that pay attention to all aspects of care for the elderly, including prevention (including combating social vulnerability, increasing the quality of the housing situation), awareness, detection, intervention and care.

A testing ground is a structured test environment in which organizations can test innovative technologies, products, services and concepts, making use of a representative group of individuals who are deployed as testers in their own living and working environment. The aim is to adjust and / or accelerate innovation and / or to capture future needs.

The testing ground will consist of one or more testing ground platforms on which projects are being carried out. A platform consists of an infrastructure, a supporting structure for general operation and a test population. Already at the submission of the platforms, a portfolio of projects must be submitted with which the platform can start. However, there must still be room to implement additional projects on the platform later. To prevent the different platforms / projects from being separate from each other, one "program office" is provided, which coordinates the activities on all platforms. This task will be performed by IBBT. A scientific consortium of knowledge institutions will be associated with the program office, which will be responsible for the scientific supervision of the platforms and projects. In addition, a sounding board committee will be set up consisting of representatives from Flanders ’Care and various actors from the professional field and whose task is to provide new innovative ideas for the living lab platforms.

The experimental garden has an economic and / or social finality. At the social level, attention is focused both on keeping the health care system affordable and on providing a decent quality of care for the individual elderly.
Effective start/end date1/09/1331/08/17


  • interorganisational networks
  • socio-economic inequalities
  • health services
  • mental health care
  • health policy
  • innovations
  • patient participation
  • rehabilitation

Flemish discipline codes in use since 2023

  • Public health care
  • Public health services
  • Social medical sciences
  • Hospital science and management
  • Economic development, innovation, technological change and growth
  • Other social sciences
  • Management
  • Social work
  • Applied sociology
  • Counselling, welfare and community services


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