Krakterisatie van bacteriocine-producerende enterococcen voor een gecontroleerde toepassing in zuivelproducten.

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The proposed project deals with the study of the functional properties of selected enterococcal strains in order to guarantee the safety of diary products obtained by fermentation by them. This objective will be achieved by:-Comparing the metabolic characteristics of enterococci from food, veterinary and clinical origin which are relevant for the evaluation of their safety as food and feed additive;-Studying some aspects of functionality of selected enterococci regarding their technological potential. Particularly the ability of non-hemolytic, enterotoxin-negative, antibiotic-sensitive enterococcal isolates will be examined for the production of bacteriocins against spoilage and food-borne pathogenic bacteria. Positive strains will be selected for bacteriocin purification, isolation and characterization.-Controlling the growth conditions of optimizing the bacteriocin production conditions in order to guarantee the production of safe and healthy fermented foods (cheese in particular). The optimization of the production of bacteriocins in fermentors and simulated food environments will be studied in detail.
Effective start/end date1/01/9831/12/98


  • microbiology

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  • Mechanical and manufacturing engineering