Law and Autonomic Computing: Mutual Transformations.

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The project aims to assess the legal implications of technologies that will transform our everyday environment into what has been called an Ambient Intelligent (AmI) environment or The Internet of Things. Such an environment depends on a type of machine intelligence that does not reside in any particular machine, but in the interconnections between sensors, RFID-systems, biometrics and online databases, allowing the inference of habits and desires by means of complex datamining techniques with the objectie of adapting the environment to such inferred preferences. The coming about of such intelligence raises a host of practical as well as fundamental legal questions, for instance in the field of privacy, data protection, civil and criminal liability, intellectual rights and concerning fundamental notions such as legal subjectivity, equality of arms, due process, consent and representation.
Effective start/end date1/01/0731/12/11


  • Computer law

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  • Law and legal studies


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