Law and security of information systems.

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The Wetenschappelijke onderzoeksgemeenschap 'Law and security of information systems' (recognised by the Belgian National Fund for Scientific Research) is concerned with research in the field of computer law and information security. It aims at the development of a legal framework for the social implementation and dissemination of further technological innovations in the field of information and communication technology. These topics will he tackled from an integrated, interdisciplinary, international and theoretical perspective. That implies - an integrated approach of the different subfields of computer law and information security (privacy, criminal aspects, intellectual property, telecommunications, electronic data interchange, security, medical informatics,convergence.. ); - an interdisciplinary approach resulting from the social, legal, economic and technical feature of the topics; - an international approach closely linked to the transnational nature of the topics (e.g. transborder data flows, transborder computer crime) and the necessity of international cooperation and policies in this field; - a theoretical approach trying to identify the glohal foundations of the legal framework to conceive in thc light of a reflexion concerning the role of law, science and technology in democratic states.
Effective start/end date1/01/9631/12/00


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