LEAD2: Enhancing academic Leadership and Governance of Chinese and European Universities in the context of Innovation and Internationalization.

Project Details


The LEAD2 project is a Capacity Building in Higher Education project supported by the Erasmus+ programme. The LEAD2 project has four main objectives: 1)customize innovative specialized & targeted blended training for academic leaders, 2)deepen the understanding of university governance and academic leadership (AL) in diverse contexts through comparative studies, 3)create an online Knowledge Base and Referencing Tool for academic leaders, 4)establish a Center on AL.
Short title or EU acronymLEAD2
Effective start/end date15/01/1914/01/23


  • university governance
  • academic leadership
  • academic leaders
  • capacity building
  • blended training
  • comparative research

Flemish discipline codes in use since 2023

  • Methodology of pedagogical and educational research
  • General pedagogical and educational sciences not elsewhere classified


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