Lymphedema: Ultrasound and nuclear magnetic resonance imaging in correlation with tissue histology.

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Ultrasound imaging is a frequently used technique to define the stage of a lymph edematous limb according the three stages scale (consensus document of the international Society of Lymphology), although the consistence of edema is barely known.
Previous studies have shown that ultrasound echogenicity is related to the evolution of lymph edema and changes of echogenicity are in function of the treatment that patients with edema receive.
The aim of the present study is investigating the relationship between ultrasound imaging, MRI and microscopical preparations of the skin and subcutaneous tissues. Two female human cadavers with an unilateral breast amputation is planned with stage III lumph edema patients, receiving lymhosuction of the swollen arm. Images will be made before and after surgery and tissue samples wille be examinated.
Effective start/end date1/01/0731/12/08

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