Master Program in Medical and Pharmaceutical Research

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The VUB organizes a program which can lead to the title of Master in Medical and Pharmaceutical Research. The purpose of this program is to up-date basic knowledge in the life sciences, to review recent advances in medical and pharmaceutical research and to teach current biomedical techniques. It trains for a career in medical research or in the pharmaceutical industry. The Master program also prepares for a Ph.D. program in Medical Sciences. Basic and applied topics are covered during state-of the-art lectures and courses; specialized issues are traeted in research seminars followed by discussion sessions; training an practical aspects is provided in workshops and hands-on sessions; visits are planned to research institutes and biomedical companies. The Master thesis is obtained after minimaly two years of classes plus a Master thesis on the basis of a research project. The program is mainly organized with teachers from the VUB and, in addition, with teachers from the universities of Ghent and Leuven. It has been composed - and is regularly revised - after advice from scientists and professionals in different disciplines, working at universities and pharmaceutical companies.
Effective start/end date1/10/9630/09/97


  • medical and pharmaceutical research

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  • Biological sciences
  • Information and computing sciences
  • Basic sciences


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