Measurement and modelling of the nonlinear behaviour of active microwave components due to load-pull.

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The NonLinear Network Analyzer (NLNA) developped in 1995 at the Dpt. ELEC` of the VU B measures simutaneously in amplitude and phase at input and output the incident and scattered waves of the components contained in the different harmonics. The research links three universities involved in the modelling of nonlinear devices: RUG-INTEC (Root Model), KUL-ESAT-TELEMIC (Modified Root Model) and VUB-ELEC (Volterra Kernels) The validation of the models will be done by varying the real and imaginary part of the source and load impedances. The implementation of a load-pull measurement set-up consist of the insertion of "Tuners" of the company "ATN Microwave" in series between the device and the loads. In the experimental part of the research we connect the NLNA to the load-pull measurement .set-up.
Effective start/end date1/07/9631/12/97


  • electricty

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