Measurement of the W-boson mass with data taken by the DELPHI experiment at the LEP collider of CERN.

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The experiments which have been performed until now indicate that our Universe can be described by 6 elementary particles, the fermions. The weak force is explainedd by the exchange of a Z or W-boson between two fermions. One of the essential ingredients inthe description of weak interactions is the precise measurement od the mass of the W-boson. To this aim one records electron-positron interactions at the LEP collider of CERN. Since 1996 data are taken at centre-of-mass energies ranging from 172 tot 206 Gev. The VUB group analyses the data taken by the DELPHI experiment. The final state of interest is the production of a pair of W bosons. Special statistical methods are investigated to determine the W-boson mass with a precison of 3/10000. Special attention is paid to the reduction of the systemic errors due to interactions between the decay products of the two produced W-bosons.
Effective start/end date1/10/9930/09/03

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  • Physical sciences
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  • weak interactions
  • LEP
  • particles phisics
  • CERN