MELT (Multilingual Readers‘ Theatre)

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The project aims at developing a multilingual guided reading program to improve reading fluency as well as reading motivation in all languages for pupils in grades 6, 7 and 8. The didactic-methodological design developed for this purpose addresses three key issues in language teaching didactics and foreign language didactics.

Lesetheaterskript InformationResults of major reading performance studies over the past decade have shown that in the countries involved in this project large deficits in reading skills exist for both languages of instruction as well as foreign languages being learned, particularly at the lower secondary school level.

Lesetheaterskript InformationInstead of isolated language learning, a stronger network of school language and foreign language instruction should be promoted. However, only a few specific proposals exist as to how the multilingual repertoire of pupils can be used in reading instruction.

Lesetheaterskript InformationThe promotion of individual multilingualism is a declared objective of the European Union education policy: At least 75% of all secondary school pupils should learn (study) at least two foreign languages.

Unlike conventional theatrical productions in which scripts are memorized and then acted out, in Readers’ Theatre the dramatic texts are divided into smaller units and then allocated to the pupils who then read them aloud, using only their voices and facial expressions to convey meaning. As the main focus of Readers’ Theatre is on reading aloud, Readers’ Theatre is used in school contexts – particularly in the U.S. – as a successful method for increasing reading fluency and reading motivation. In the European region, Readers’ Theatre is scarcely known as a means of promoting reading. In addition, no Reading Theatre scripts with multiple language roles exist.
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