Multidimensional qualitative and quantitative performance analysis of parallel and distributed computer systems.

  • Dirkx, Erik, (Administrative Promotor)

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Parallel and distributed computersystems evolved from exotic research vehicles into practical and promising machines. this is driven by a combination of economic, financial and technological factors.
Both fundamental and practical issues generic to all computer systems have to be re-investigated in this context and in the context of the evolution of the other components. Simple examples are energy efficiency, cost, fault tolerance. More complex examples that are in need of more fundamental research are e.g. garbage collection, the definition of programming languages and the semantics of their primitives, the representation of data etc. This work will combine top down (deductive) and bottom up (inductive) work. This project is the academic compliment of a "TETRA" project on "Mechatronic applications of reconfigurable hardware" that is already ongoing and very succesful. The principeof this project is "to measure is to know". Whereas in dedicated (market)subsegments ad hoc solutions are engineered to re-invent the wheel, there is almost no fundamental research into the generic qualitative and quantitative characteristics of parallel and distributed (computer) systems. Within the context of this work, fundamental results w.r.t. the study of the performance of computer systems at the Universuty will be combined with practical results and issues that have been, are and will be derived from the "TETRA" project.
Effective start/end date1/01/0731/12/08

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