Nanobody Translational Molecular Imaging

Project Details


The proposed project for the GOA funding includes fundamental, applied and translational research. The fundamental research is focused on the further improvement and characterization of the labeled Nanobodies including new radio labeling methods and the use of alternative Nanobody formats. The applied research is focused on the development of new Nanobodies for imaging specific targets and includes the whole process of pre-clinical validation and lead selection. Translational research is focused on the optimization of the quality controls of lead compounds, GMP production and Phase I clinical evaluation.
Effective start/end date1/01/1031/12/12


  • image processing techniques
  • image modelling and medical science
  • PET
  • small animal imaging
  • radiopharmaceuticals

Flemish discipline codes

  • Physical sciences
  • Electrical and electronic engineering
  • Basic sciences
  • (Bio)medical engineering