Narrative and Music (organisatie event)

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This conference takes music’s narrative potential as its point of departure but recognizes that musical narrativity is scalar. Narrativity is possible in all music, e.g. instrumental music, texted music, or music in other multimedial art forms. We strive to bring together researchers who bring the narrative capacities of music to the fore. This is possible from different fields of study, such as musicology, literary studies, or cultural studies. With ‘narrativity of music’ as an umbrella term, the conference has three subthemes: (1) the narrative capacity of music, (2) narrativity of minimalist music, and (3) the narrativity of music in intermedial works. In short, this conference is platform for researchers and musicians with different backgrounds, but with the same interest in the narrativity of music.
Effective start/end date15/11/2117/11/21


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