Nectar Training Package for a seminar on Policy, sectorial and institutional issues on environmental management in West Africa, Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso - August, 1-10, 1998.

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Following our discussion in your office on 12 march 1998, we find six of the modules/topics of the NECTAR training package useful for our seminar. However to make them suitable for our purpose, we nedd to adapt and update them and to develop approriate supporting case studies. We are particularly interested inadapting the following six modules of the Package and to develop supporting case studies.- Resaerch, Development and Production Systems. - Rural Environment and development Interventions. - Agricultural Economics and Policy Reforms. - Diagnostic analysis of farm-managed irrigation - The role of woman in sustainable agriculture Production - Communication, development and management of linkages and new media.
Effective start/end date28/08/9828/02/99


  • ecology

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