Needs of people with dementia, primary caregivers and home care professionals.

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Dementia is a frequent disease in the elderly. and already
in a very early stage dependency of others arises and
worsens. Three quarters of the people with dementia stay
at home, supported by their primary caregivers. If policy
makers aim at supporting home care, then the
development of services should take into account the
needs of the elderly people with dementia and the primary
Therefore we will try to gain insight in the early
detection patterns of dementia, to assess the psychosocial
burden on people with a recently developing dementing
process, the psychosocial and physical burden on primary
caregivers of non-intitutionalised dementing people in
different stages, the need for information,
psychoeducational and material support by home care
professionals, the determinants of demands for help, the
kind and size of the provision of professional home care
and the satisfaction it gives, the needs of the professional
home carers for information and education, and at least
the perception of dementia of all people involved. This
information will adress a) policy solutions, b)
information/education packages.
Effective start/end date1/10/9930/09/02


  • primary care givers
  • home care
  • needs
  • dementia
  • elderly

Flemish discipline codes

  • Psychology and cognitive sciences
  • Basic sciences
  • Sociology and anthropology