Networked Multimedia Services (NML)

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New end-user services such as VOD, teleshopping, teleworking and edutainment are (or will soon be) introduced in present telecom networks. What is not being assessed today is the impact these services (will) have on the network architecture. On the one hand, a service friendly network environment must encourage service consumption via a user-friendly, flexible and cost-effective access towards the services. Consider e.g. how a user will find the appropriate Content Provider. On the other hand, the network architecture must facilitate service deployment which allows content providers and service operators to introduce and exploit services in a short time-to-market. Consider e.g. how a service operator can be connected to the network.Both will induce the need to extend existing network architecture with new service related functions and will influence the development of new multimedia networks. A means for the Network Operator to offer this new functionality is the introduction of a so called Service Gateway (SGW). The SGW is a basic component in the Full Service network (FSN), offering a platform for and an interface to Network Operator managed services, as support for interactive multimedia services.To enable the dialogue between a Service Subscriber and a Service Operator, several actions need to take place in the network, the terminal and the server. Moreover, given that the Service Operator and the Network Operator can be different entities, a clear interface at transport, control (both at networkand at application level) and service level needs to be defined. The latter requirement has led to the introduction of an additional network element as mediator between the Network Operator, Service Operator and Service User. Given its role, this element is often called Service Gateway. The definition of the exact role of the Service Gateway is only beginning to be handled in the standardisation groups such as DAVIC (Digital Audio-Visual Council). The major goals of the project are to provide insight in the user needs and a coherent view on the technology requirements for offering multimedi networks and services, and to deliver the necessary technology and products that will allow their deployment. One of the main achievements of the project will be the development of a Service Gateway, which will be integrated and demonstrated in a full service network.
Effective start/end date1/06/9531/05/98

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