New methodologies for assessing the potential of unintended effects in genetically modified food crops.

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In the RTD project emphasis is laid on a 'holistic' approach of a thorough data collection and evaluation of molecules of different biological integration levels demonstrating that GM crop plant do or doo not substantially differ from their classically bred cultivars including mutants and other relevant controls. Thereto, the overall work will be focused on this principle of substantial equivalence by comparative analyses of the GM crop plant with those of 1): the isogenic controle lines grown side-by side under identical conditions in one plot, 2) the isogenic controle line grown side-by side under identical conditions at multiple sites, 3) an extended range of commercial varieties of that crop including mutants, and 4) the influence of a range of environmental conditions. To employ this overall metodology te RTD project workplan is designed to provide a horizontally structure aimed at producing the objectives according to the proposed timetable.
Effective start/end date1/02/0031/01/03

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