New skills for vocational guidance in higher education.

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Almost all European universities employ guidance counsellors to support their students with their career progression. There are large differences in organisation and methodology of the guidance approach, in the goals of this support and in the type of staff and their qualifications. This diversity in the member states should be mapped and shared to improve the overall quality of guidance. In addition the future training for vocational guidance counsellor must respond to the need for new skills: (i) to address the needs of an increasingly diverse studentpopulation, (ii) for preparing students for an European labor market, (iii) to use new technologies, and (iv) for a holistic student centred guidance model. The partners will map through an expert approach the organisation of guidance in higher education in all EU-member states and how the tasks are fulfilled. The difference among the EU-countries at the level of organisation, tasks and training will be assessed in light of the needed new skills. Especially new trends and needs will be inventoried. Country reports and a general report will give a detailed analysis of guidance in higher education and of the expected developments. It will present recommendations and guidelines to establish a European-oriented training that can enhance professional effectiviness and development of counsellors in higher education.
Effective start/end date2/12/962/12/98


  • training
  • skills
  • guidance
  • comparative education
  • Higher education

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  • Psychology and cognitive sciences
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