Non-deterministic simulation for CFD-based design methodologies

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As of today, analysis and design methods in aeronautical industry, particulary the aerodynamic simulation tool based on Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) and their multidisciplinary ectensuions (such as fluid-structure; fluid-thermal; aero-acoustic applications), are based on simulations with a unique set of input data and model variables. However, realistic operating conditions are a superposition of numerous uncertainties under which the industrial products operate (uncertainities on boundary and initial conditions, on geometries resulting from manufacturing tolerances, numerical error sources and uncertain physical model parameters. The presence of these uncertainties is the major source of errors in the design decision porcess and increases therefor the level of risks of failure of a given component. The objective of NODESIM-CFD is to introduce these uncerteinties within the simulation process by applying non-deterministic methodologies to provide tools for the evaluation and quantification of uncertainties in aerodynamic and thermal performance predictions, supporting hereby the goals of enhanced design confidence, risk reduction and improved safety. The NODESIM-VFD project is composed of the following action lines:

The identification and probabilistic quantification of the most significant uncertainty sources, related to CFD and multidisciplinary based simulations, of aeronautical components (wings, aircraft and engines). The development and incorporation of efficient non-deterministic methodologies into the CFD simulation systems to produce reliability bounds of the predcitions ina rational way. Apllication and evaluation of the developed methodologies to the non-deterministic analysis of aeronautical components by the industrialo manufacturers. The development and application of robust CFD-based design methodologies incorporating the non-deterministic based simulations, enabling rational estimates of probabilities of failure.

Effective start/end date1/11/0628/02/10

Flemish discipline codes in use since 2023

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