Nonlinear dynamics of single and coupled semiconductor ring lasers

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Ever since their development in the 60's semiconductor lasers have been of great importance in information science. They fulfill essential tasks such as the generation, storage and reading of digital data with high bit rates. A special class herein, the semiconductor ring lasers (SRLs), are promising components as fundamental building blocks towards all-optical logical circuits in a planar photonic integration technology for multi-gigabit optical telecommunication and ultra-fast digital processing. The development of these SRLs to all-optical switching devices demands a deep insight into the nonlinear processes that determine the behavior of these lasers.

Therefore, the main objective in this project is to understand the rich dynamical behavior of SRLs, which arises due to their intrinsic circular symmetry and the interaction between two counter-propagating modes in the cavity. The theoretical work is complemented by experiments on the micro-SRLs performed at the department TONA, where the devices are provided through the consortium of the European STREP project IOLOS (Integrated Optical and Memory Using UltrafastMicro-ring Bistable Lasers).
Effective start/end date1/01/0831/12/08

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