Onderzoeksgroep Alliantie VUB-UGent: NanoMicrobiologie - NAMI

Project Details


The research is focussed on cellular and molecular biophysical research on microorganisms or their constituents by using an integrated approach of nano manipulation and nano analysis techniques. Including in the approach is the link to biophysical and bioinformatic modelling where appropiate. Techniques will be used which allow to study single molecules ("single molecule analysis") and cells ( "single cell analysis”) and their mutual interactions.
The initial lines of research are:
• Nanobiotechnology AFM analysis of outer membrane vesicles of multi-resistant bacteria.
• Nanobiotechnology AFM analysis of lipids and proteins and their interaction.
• AFM analysis of protein-DNA interaction.
• Development of AFM force spectroscopy techniques to study microbial cell adhesion.
• Development of cellular micro/nanopatterning techniques using e-beam lithography.
• Dynamic proteomics based on microscopic detection of fluorescently labeled proteins in living cells and mass spectrometry-based proteomics for the study of systems biology of micro-organisms.
Short title or EU acronymALO NAMI
Effective start/end date8/06/168/06/20