Ontvangst Argentijnse vorser Gabriela Gutierrez ikv samenwerkingsakkoord met SECyT : Role of cytokines and anglogenic factors on ovarian folliculogenesis and oocyte maturation : the bovine as a model.

Project Details


Collaborative Project:
To discuss the possible techniques that can be used in vitro to study the angiogenesis and the cytokines involved in the early growth of the bovine follicles with the Argentinean researchers in the Buenos Aires Lab.
-the selection of experimental material from slaughterhouse (ovarian tissue)
-the culture techniques + experiments in vitro
-the choice of antibodies and appropriate labellings
-make a workplan with timetable
-establish an internet connection for exchange of data and protocols
-Disseminate the knowledge by making a workshop in Buenos Aires
Effective start/end date26/05/08 → …


  • cytokine
  • bovine
  • in vitro
  • angiogenesis