Open-Innovation Photonics pilot for NWE

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The NWE region contains 75% of the European activities in Photonic Integrated Circuits (PICs). SMEs play a pivotal role, but most SMEs cannot afford capital-intensive PIC manufacturing facilities
Open-access facilities are of a laboratory nature (TRL4) and inadequate for manufacturing PICs with cost-efficiency, speed and reliable quality (TRL7). The equipment for PIC manufacturing is of an innovative, specialised nature that cannot be obtained from a single country. As application grows, NWE needs to stay ahead; intense collaboration between innovation stakeholders at transnational level is needed now

OIP4NWE unites 7 enterprises, 3 research institutes and 4 innovation clusters. It includes innovation leaders (NL, DE, BE) to strong innovators (IR, UK) and a less innovative high-potential region in FR. The main output will be a pilot line offering faster, affordable and reliable PIC production. It will be validated by 3 SMEs. A voucher system will be employed for another 7 SME's

After project end, the pilot line will be continued as self-sustainable facilities. Embedding it in an Open Innovation Ecosystem with a TransNational Network, will ensure the NWE position as a global leader in integrated photonics. Projections for 2034 for NWE: 1000 SMEs active in integrated photonics with 3200 new jobs
Short title or EU acronymOIP4NWE
Effective start/end date25/10/1824/10/22


  • Photonics

Flemish discipline codes

  • Photonics, light and lighting
  • Applied and interdisciplinary physics