Operational support for building a research agenda based on industry cooperation and external funding

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My research is focused on (i) the development of new artificial intelligence methods, and (ii) their application in collaboration with industrial partners. The hectic schedule of a starting 100% ZAP with 24 ECTS does not currently allow me to fully pursue these lines of research due to lack of time and funding (i.e., PhD students). Therefore, with this project I would like to apply for additional manpower that would act as a catalyst to apply for and acquire funding to pursue both my theoretical and applied research axes and thus my medium term research goals.

First, the requested staff member would assist me in writing applications for, among others, FWO and Vlaio funding.

Second, the staff member would take on a business development role to find new industrial partners (e.g., for the Baekeland application, a research chair, a VLAIO ICON or simply data).

Finally, the staff member could also offer input to one of my courses in the second semester, allowing me to spend more time working on the intended applications, as well as completing existing projects to strengthen my research profile.
Effective start/end date1/10/2230/09/26


  • Machine learning
  • decision support
  • business development

Flemish discipline codes in use since 2023

  • Artificial intelligence not elsewhere classified


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