Organisatie congres Belgian Peptide Group Meeting 2012 (BPGM)

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Since many years, the Belgian academic and industrial groups that are active in various aspects of peptide research did not have an opportunity to get to know each other and to discuss common interests. Together with Dr. Mimoun Ayoub of Solvay Peptisyntha, we have taken the initiative to organize a two day meeting on peptide research under the auspices of the European Peptide Society. This two day meeting will take place at the Solvay Peptisyntha site in Brussels. We will have four invited speakers from neighbouring countries, and plenty of opportunities for presentations by the participants.This meeting intends to cover various aspects of peptide research : synthesis, identification, pharmacology, drug discovery and development, delivery, peptide production, ... etc.
Effective start/end date10/10/1231/12/12


  • Chemistry

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  • Chemical sciences