Organisation of a study day concerning alternative methods of animal tests in education (Stichting Prins Laurent)

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For several years a real interest exists in Belgium, as in the rest of Europe, to effectively apply alternative methods to the use of living animals in research and regulatory testing of compounds and products. Consequently, efforts were combined by different groups, which resulted in the Belgian Platform for Alternative Methods (BPAM) in February 1999.
BPAM is a consensus platform, which means that the four participating bodies; the universities and research centers, industry, the ministries, the animal welfare and protection organisations, are represented. Although it is our ultimate goal to use no animals or only a minimal number, the platform is scientifically based on the 3Rs principle of Russell and Burch, standing for Reduction, Refinement and Replacement. A lot of importance is also given to the fourth R, which means Responsibility.
Our major goals are promotion, development and application of current and future alternative methods in research and testing and to stimulate the use of alternatives in education
Effective start/end date15/03/0031/12/01

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