Organising & check up on Training For Belgian Intensive Care Units, who participate Voluntarily, is part of the Biomed 2 project Euricus III.

Project Details


Organising and checking upon a training for Belgian Intensive Care Units, who participate voluntarily, in the cotext of the Biomed 2 project "The implementation of guidelines of budget control and cost calculation in European Intesitive Care Units and its effects on the quality of ICU management", Euricus III Biomed 2, contractnr. BMH4-98-3461). The pratical training, resorting under the above mentioned project, will be, according to this contract, accompanied by an action-research approach. This means that extra activities will be organised according to a group-oriented organisation intervention, aiming at the improvement of the functioning of an Intensive Care Unit, its internal co-operation and its management.
Effective start/end date1/05/9930/04/00

Flemish discipline codes

  • Psychology and cognitive sciences
  • Economics and business


  • management behaviors
  • budgeting
  • Intensive Care
  • costaccounting