Organization of a sub-regional seminar on women integrated farming systems and food security in west-Afika

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Congress organised by the International Centre for Enterprise and Sustainable Development (ICED) in East-Legon in Accra, Ghana at the Erata Hotel during the week of 25 to 28 November 2003.

20 participants were present at the congress : farmers, representatives of the Ministry of Food and Agriculture in Ghana, the Centre for Scientific & Industrial Research of Accra, the Women Cooperative for Food Crops of the Ivory Coast, Imo Songhai in Nigeria and the African Network for Environment and Economic Justice in Nigeria.
15 resource persons gave lectures about different topics related to the gender issue the farming systems and food security. These topics handled about women & food security in West Africa, land tenure and land management issues, organic agriculture, irrigation tools, live stock production for food security, biotechnology, food hazards and regulations about genetic modified organisms.
Effective start/end date28/10/0231/12/03

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