Orthogonal chromatographic systems in pharmaceutical analysis: selection, applications, method development and data-analysis

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    During this project orthogonal chromatographic systems will be applied to develop drug impurity profiles and fingerprints. Due to the large selectivity differences between these systems, it is expected that more information can be obtained.
    First Orthogonal Projection Approach will be evaluated as technique to select orthogonal systems. Then a strategy, using a set of orthogonal chromatographic systems, will be defined to develop and optimize impurity profiles.
    At last the utility of orthogonal fingerprints to retrieve complementary information with chemometric techniques will be evaluated.
    Effective start/end date1/01/0631/12/09


    • Chemometrics
    • Reversed-phase liquid chromatography
    • Impurity profiling
    • Orthogonality
    • Fingerprints

    Flemish discipline codes

    • Mathematical sciences
    • Pharmaceutical sciences
    • Chemical sciences