OZR Back-up mandate: The impact of leadership styles on the well-being of European workers. Investigating interindividual and cross-national differences.

Project Details


We analyse the impact of individual and national leadership styles on the well-being of European workers. This link has been seldom studied in formal quantitative designs, let alone in a broad crossnational worker sample. Therefore, the first specific objective of this research is to study the relation between leadership styles and workers’ well-being, mediated by job quality. Our second objective is to create a theory-based country typology of leadership styles in Europe. We expect to find an effect of leadership styles on the wellbeing
of workers, and we expect the effect to be mediated by the trade-off
between demands and resources, with the assumption that supportive
leadership styles will lead to job situations where resources outweigh demands. We also expect to find an effect of national leadership styles on the relationship between psychosocial risk
factors and worker well-being. The impact of the company, and in
particular of its leadership, on job quality and work-related wellbeing
are understudied. This research will contribute to existing knowledge
on multilevel factors in the area of work-related health by
focusing on effects of leadership styles, and will provide insights to policymakers on the distribution of management practices across
Europe and its impact on cross-national differences in job quality.
Effective start/end date1/11/20 → 31/10/21


  • leadership styles
  • work-related well-being
  • cross-national research

Flemish discipline codes

  • Social epidemiology
  • Sociology of health
  • Sociology of occupations and professions
  • Sociology of work