Parenting and fertility problems: a longitudinal study on the perception and practice of the mother and father role in couples who have undergo an ICSI-treatment

  • Kristoffersen, Ingrid, (Administrative Promotor)

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Parenting is no more a univocal concept. several social evolutions, including the fast evolution in the field of medical assisted procreation, have contributed to changes in the perception and practice of parenting. Besides the development of new forms of parenthood, there is also a tendency towards less differences between motherhood and fatherhood. Thus,although research finds differences in maternal and paternal involvement, these differences seem to be less important than existing similarities. The role perception and parenting practice of mothers and fathers seem to be influenced by several others factors than gender. Against this background, one can wonder to which extent the perception of parenting and the practice of the mother and father role are influenced by the way of procreation. The evolution in the field od medical assisted procreation have allowed more and more infertile couples to have children. th epresent longitudinal study will examine the perception of parenting, the practice of parenting and the influencing variables in couples who have undergo an ICSI-treatment, at different measurement moments according to the child's age. These cuples will be compared with a control group of couples who conceived in a natural way.
Effective start/end date1/01/0031/12/03

Flemish discipline codes

  • Psychology and cognitive sciences


  • family relations
  • childcare
  • parent-child relations
  • development and life span psychology
  • parenting