Parenting stress, coping processes and family functioning of parents of children with ADHD.

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In various studies the emergence or maintenance of childhood disorders is linked to the characteristics of the family in general and the characteristics of the parents in specific. Research in this particular context concerning the attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is still in its early days, but perceived parenting stress and the family members' coping skills (related to the presence of a hyperactive child in the family) have increasingly been the focus of interest.

The present research project aims at mapping the parenting stress, the cognitive attributions and the coping processes of parents of hyperactive children. By means of oral interviews with the parents and various questionnaires (these are : NOSI, NVOS and CBCL), their experience of raising a child with ADHD, their perceptions of their child's disorder and how they cope with this, will be assessed. In addition, the parents' general coping skills will also be looked into (method of testing : UCL). Furthermore, the parents' perception of their family function and family relationships will also be investigated (method of testing : GDS). The child's own perception of the family relationships will also be taken into account (method of testing : FRT). Finally, these data will be compared to data collected from families without children with a significant clinical disorder.

By mapping the parenting stress, attribution and coping processes of parents of hyperactive children, this research can contribute to the current knowledge of, on the one hand, the development and maintenance of emotional and behavioural disorders, and on the other hand the link with the family and parents. From a practical perspective, knowlegde of these mechanisms can help with the counselling of these families.

Note : Abbreviations of testing materials
- NOSI : Nijmeegse Ouderlijke Stress Index
- NVOS : Nijmeegse Vragenlijst voor de Opvoedingssituatie
- CBCL : Child Behavior Checklist
- UCL : Utrechtse Coping Lijst
- GDS : Gezins Dimensie Schalen
- FRT : Familie Relatie Test

Effective start/end date1/01/0031/12/04

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  • Psychology and cognitive sciences


  • Development Psychology
  • Psychopathology
  • Parents
  • Coping
  • Children