Partner Programme IUC with Moi University (Kenya)(jaar 2)

Project Details


The IUC partnership with MOI University (MU-K) started in July 2007.

MU-K was established in 1984 as the second public university in Kenya, and is situated in the highlands in Western Kenya. The university contributes to the socio-economic welfare of western Kenya.

The IUC Partner Programme with MU-K (phase II, start December 2012) is constituted of five synergetic projects. Project 1 (CSE) deals with capacity building for teaching, research and extension in civil and structural engineering, P2 (AGBIO) with strengthening teaching, research and technology transfer in agriculture and biotechnology, P3 (HEALTH) with strengthening capacity in training and research in health sciences, P4 (TEXTILE) with capacity building enhancement for textile research and extension and P5, the institutional project (INSTDEV), with policy development and implementation which includes activities that create incentives for the different policies developed at Moi University for ICT (including e-library), open and distance learning, gender equity, extension and research. P5 is also responsible for a research data centre, computer science and interdisciplinary research.
Effective start/end date1/04/1331/03/14


  • Databases
  • Evolution of language
  • Programming languages
  • Mobile Computing
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Serious games
  • Web systems
  • Software agents

Flemish discipline codes

  • Mathematical sciences