Peri-urban mangroves forests as filters and potential phytoremediators of domestic sewage in East Africa (PUMPSEA)

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This project is a major collaborative network between 7 European and 5 African partners which will test and investigate the usefulness of mangrove formations in the treatment and phytoremediation of wastewater in a broad interdisciplinary approach. Though the principle of pollution remediation should focus on its sources and on optimization of purification with a minimal impact on human and natural environment, this is not a realistic option on middle and long term in the fast growing cities of developing countries. Already now, but inefficiently and without any protection and management guaranteeing sustainability of this ecological service, mangroves are deposits and recipients of waste and wastewater. The partner consortium in thus EU-project strives with the availability of a wide scope of expertise to study the functionality, the use, the optimization, the establishment of such seminatural purification systems. The two VUB groups, APNA and ANCH will contribute from their internationally recognized expertise: mangrove-ecology, mangrove dynamics with spatial analysis and remote sensing res. analytical chemistry, biogeochemistry of the marine environment. Because of conditions imposed by the EU (in a late phase of programme development) the EU partners had to reduce their budget substantially for the benefit of the African partners, which renders certainly also the Belgian contribution more difficult. This proposal intends to allow the VUB partners to realize the scientific added value, which may otherwise be reduce or endangered.
Effective start/end date1/01/0531/12/08

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