Peroperative ex vivo cancer margin detection using fluorescence labelled single-domain antibodies

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In the current project we propose to facilitate the intraoperative assessment of the surgical margin status by means of rapid ex vivo staining of resected tissues using fluorescent-labelled nanobodies (Nb’s). Patients diagnosed with tumours of the breast, prostate, pancreas and head and neck, planned for surgical removal will be included. These patients will receive tumorectomy as standard of care.

Immediately after surgery, the freshly resected tumour will be cut into slices and incubated with a fluorescent Nb. After incubation, the stained tissue will be assessed for co-localization of fluorescence and malignant tissue, both macro- and microscopically and additional immunohistochemistry will be performed. Eventually, sensitivity, specificity and clinical applicability of the technique will be calculated based on the gold standard of histopathology.
Effective start/end date1/03/2128/02/23

Flemish discipline codes

  • Medical imaging and therapy not elsewhere classified


  • Peroperative
  • cancer margin
  • antibodies