PERPETUAL: Personalized Products Emerging from Tailored User-Adapting Logic

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The goal of the PERPETUAL project is to develop methods and algorithms that achieve automatic, user oriented functional demand profiling in support of enhanced product service performance, while requiring less resources through an increased efficiency as a result of well optimized control policies for a wide range of applications. The need for personalization of product services, optimization of resource and energy efficiency, and reduced interface complexity, leading to optimal user comfort without requiring complexity increasing hardware customization, are some of the important drivers steering new product functionalities.

Starting from experience built up in the domains of automatic knowledge profiling, reinforcement learning and advanced control, the partners in the proposed project consortium target to conceive methods and supporting algorithms to automatically determine (multi-)user characterizing demand profiles (so-called 'usage profiles') and derived statistical functional demand predictions that can greatly enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of self-learning control strategies.

A wide range of potential applications were identified based on the envisaged user adapting logic personalization capabilities and valorisation potential. Case studies include: HVAC control systems, Industrial cooling systems, Power generation management and car docking stations for smart grids. These cases are evaluated in collaboration with industry.
Short title or EU acronymPERPETUAL
Effective start/end date1/01/1230/04/16


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