Photonic instrumentation and tension analysis for application in stomatology and dentistry.

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The collaboration between TONA(TW-photonic instrumentation, optic fibre sensors for tensile testing) and STRU(TW- tension analysis) and SMAF (GF- dentristy and stomatology) aims the in vitro characterisation of the materials with compact sensors, based on optic fibres and the establishment of a model for the tension in the structure. This would finally lead to the amelioration of dental protheses.This project aims at the set-up of a collaborative research effort in order to combine the know-how in photonic instrumentation (optical fibre sensors for pressure and strain) and stress-analysis (finite-element method) in support of the clinical experience of the dentistry and stomatology department of the AZ/VUB. The extensive experience with dental prothesis learns that in some cases fissures and breaks can occur due to stress concentrations in the structure (prothesis-cement-dental tissue). The collaboration will include the in vitro characterisation of the applied materials by means of very compact sensors based on optical fibres and the set-up of a finite-element model for the analysis of the stresses in the structure. This scientific support for the clinical research on dental prothesis can, when the project is successful, be at the basis of a synergy in which this multidisciplinary approach will help the practioner in the optimisation of the dental health care he provides.
Effective start/end date1/01/9731/12/98


  • physics
  • orthodontics

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