Physiological and neurodocrinological aspets of exercise, endurance, underperformance and burnout in athletes.

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    To date, relatively little attention has been placed on the role of the central nervous system in overtraining and fatigue during exercise and training. This study will focus on the possible involvement of the central nervous system in the onset f fatigue during exercise and the role of neurotransmitters and neuromodulators in possible mechanisms that underly underperformance 'burnout' and overtraining. Since the HPA-axis in under control of several 'higher' centres through different transmitter systems, we will investigate the possible influence of central manipulation on the neuroendocrine response to exercise and training. therefore, in the first part of this study, we will be performing pharmacological manipulations in a subgroup of athletes using a 90-min time trial protocol. In this 'randomised placebocontrolled dubble blind crossover study ' the athletes will be asked to ingest a 5 HT re uptake inhibitor or a 5-HT/NA re-uptake inhibitor iin order to study the peripheral effects of a central manipulation. Performance metabolic, hormonal parameters as well as attention parameters will be measured. In the second part of this study, a group af athletes will follow an intensive traiing programme. The athletes will be strictly followed and durig this period urinairy catecholamines wil be collected. In order to investigate possible maladaptations due to overtraining a test protocol is established where
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    • exercise neuroendorinology
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