Policy Advice Low Emission Mobility

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This framework agreement consists of several tasks that must allow Bruxelles Environnement to support the concretisation of the Roadmap "Low Emission Mobility" and the roll-out of the charging infrastructure ("Delivery plan").

Through this assignment, Brussels Environment wishes to be able to call on very specific expertise in this matter in order to underpin the policy. This involves:
-in-depth technical knowledge of vehicle technology and their environmental impact, battery technology, charging infrastructure, energy policy with a view to the transition to zero-emission transport
-insight and experience in working with the stakeholders within this domain, their different interests and the approach to stakeholder management
-giving policy advice to the government
-guidance on the content of the communication in function of different target groups
Effective start/end date15/02/2215/02/26


  • Policy Advice
  • low emission
  • Mobility


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