'Political carrectness' and 'saying it as it is'. An analysis of discourses on the multicultural society in Flanders.

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Since the 1990s the term 'political correctness' often occurs in political debates and media. 'Political correctness' is a very changed term, with a rather unclear origin and variable meaning depending on the context in which it is used. from a tradition of critical discourse studies, this research will give a historical and theoretical account of 'political correctness' and the conflicting approaches to language in the 'political correctness' controversy. On a empirical level, it sheds light on the different discourses on 'political correctness' and the evolution in those discourses through a quantitative mapping of references to 'political correctness' in the Dutch speaking Belgian press. This quantative research shows that in Flanders, 'political correctness' is predominantly related to the multicultural society. The quantative analysis will inform the selection of cases that will be analyzed qualitively. through three case studies, the workings of 'political correctness' as a discursive strategy in the debate on the multicultural society will ebe analyzed ampirically. Through an analysis of the discursive struggle over 'political correctness' the research presents a specific contribution to the analysis of the debate on the multicultural society. The research also contributes to methodological questions surrounding discourse studies, in part by combining quantative and qualitative methods of text analysis.
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