Polyvac: development of an optimized polytope vaccine (OZR backup mandate)

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Therapeutic cancer vaccination has been proven to be a challenge. Nonetheless, recent clinical trials have shown that cancer vaccines are safe and elicit strong T-cell responses. Despite these encouraging results, an optimization of existing cancer vaccines is warranted. Therefore, we aim to develop a personalized, neo-antigen polytope vaccine administered using an optimal immunization platform that efficiently activates and expands neo-antigen-specific T cells in all patients. Our first aim is to develop an mRNA polytope vaccine which can activate specific T cells against many neo-antigens and is efficiently, quickly and reliably produced for every patient. The second aim is to define the optimal antigen delivery platform for the new therapeutic cancer vaccines. The host laboratory, LMCT has the facilities and experience for developing lentiviral vector (LV) and GMP-grade mRNA vaccines. Building on this expertise, the polytope vaccine will be administered via three distinct vaccination modes: intranodal delivery of mRNA, intravenous (i.v) delivery of packaged mRNA and i.v delivery of LVs. Validation is accomplished by comparing the polytope vaccine and strategies with golden standard synthetic long peptide immunization. Finally, the knowledge obtained in mouse models will be employed to create a human prototype vaccine, that will be tested in vitro for its stimulation of T cells, as a first step towards the translation of the findings in mice towards a human setting.
Short title or EU acronymBackup mandate
Effective start/end date1/01/1831/12/18