Prognostic Parameters of the Human Endometrium in Relation to Pregnany in Controlled Ovarian Stimulation.

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Endometrial aspiration biopsies will be performed at day LH+3 in natural cycles aiming at conception and at the time of fallopain embryo transfer of 2-3 embryos in controlled ovarian stimulation. As already demonstrated in prvious work, these small biopsies , performed with an atraumatic aspiration device, 5 days before the presumed embryo implantation, are unlikely to induce a negative effect on the endometrium. Likewise, cytology of the endometrium will be performed at the day of ovum pick-up with an endometrial brush and analyzed in liquid-based thin layer cytology. The biopsies will be processed for morphological dating, ultrastructural analysis of epithelium and stroma and immunohistochemical visualtisation of estrogen and progesterone receptors
Effective start/end date1/01/0031/12/03

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