PROLIBIC - CLUSTER of the transport related projects PROMOCO, LIMOBEL, BIOSES and CLEVER : PROLIBIC

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The first objective of PROLIBIC is to bring together acquired knowledge from 4 projects carried out within the research programme SSD 2: PROMOCO (Professional mobility and company car ownership), LIMOBEL (Long-run impacts of policy packages on mobility in Belgium), BIOSES (Biofuels Sustainable End uSe) and CLEVER (Clean Vehicle Research: Life Cycle Analysis and Policy Measures). It concerns results on both transport activities and environmental impact. The second objective consists of defining two new policy scenarios, for which model runs are also performed. A third important objective is to communicate the results acquired within PROLIBIC and the 4 underlying projects with policymakers at both the national and regional level.
Short title or EU acronymPROLIBIC
Effective start/end date15/12/0931/01/12

Flemish discipline codes

  • Other engineering and technology


  • mobility