Promoting ICT usage in SMEs: input for policy strategies.

  • Baelden, Dorien, (Collaborator)
  • Pierson, Jo (Administrative Promotor)

Project Details


The goal of this research is to deliver input for a national campaign aimed at promoting ICT adoption and usage in the Belgian small and medium sized enterprise (SME). Therefore, this research intents to explore the following five research questions: (1) what is the current status of ICT usage in small SMEs? (2) which (sub)sectors lag behind in terms of ICT usage? (3) which (sub)sectors would benefit from an incentives policy and what are the specific needs and opportunities? (4) Taking into account the personal and social characteristics of business managers, what are the main barriers and motives that influence ICT usage? (5)How can these barriers be addressed? In other words: how can Belgian SMEs be stimulated to increase their levels of ICT usage? This report aims at exploring these five questions. Subsequently, the following issues will be addressed: (1) numbers of and reasons for ICT take up and usage by Belgian SMEs, (2) the relevance of the sector specific approach, (3) the methods used in this study, and (4) the results of this study.
Effective start/end date28/10/05 → …


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