Proteins: Structure en Folding.

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The laboratory has quite a strong experience in structural analysis of proteins. A number of projects with an important structural component is pursued by a number of subgroups, characteristically 4 to 7 co-workers, under the guidance of a project leader. This work is focused on a number of themes that have acquired a degree of maturity: protein-carbohydrate recognition, bacterial toxin-antitoxin systems, enzyme systems: Nucleoside hydrolases & Arsenate reductase. More recent work was focused on Lipase-Lipase foldase and in a number of contexts there remains structural work on single-domain camelid antibodies. This proposal is to be considered as the core project for support to the structural studies of the lab as a whole and for the other structural studies in the Institute of Molecular Biology of the university, which we support. We can observe that over the period of the last four years in a number of projects protein folding has become the central issue. We have grouped these projects in this proposal, which requires a tight synergy between structural, biophysical and biochemical methods.
Effective start/end date1/01/0831/12/11


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