Provision of training and language resources to support auxiliary interpreters

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In order to support communication between service providers and asylum seekers, Fedasil reception centres sometimes call upon people who do not necessarily have the qualifications of professional interpreters. This group of auxiliary interpreters includes persons within Fedasil's reception centres (i.e. social workers and asylum seekers) as well as external volunteers.

The core objective of this project is to better guide and support this group of auxiliary interpreters with a view to providing high-quality services and employability. The core objective of the project will be achieved on the one hand by offering specific training modules embedded in a modular learning trajectory for public service interpreting/translation, and on the other hand by inventorising/centralising and developing various multilingual resources (terminology) aimed at a specific communicative situation in Fedasil's reception centres: i.e. intake interviews with people from vulnerable target groups.
Effective start/end date1/03/1831/12/18


  • Linguistics