Public procurement contract for the performance of a university study related to the identification of legal or other possibilities as a result of the fragmentation of legislative powers concerning protection of young people between the French, Flemish and German communities, the federal state and the Joint Community Commission

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As a result of the sixth State reform, the communities have since the first of July 2014 substantive competence in the field of youth justice. Each community (Flemish, French, German-speaking) and the Joint Community Commission in Brussels-Capital may develop their own regulations on youth delinquency and youth aid. This competence has already been used by the Flemish and French Communities, as well as by the Joint Community Commission. The German-speaking Community has not yet taken any legislative initiative and relies upon the Federal Youth Protection Act of 1965. With the creation of these new Community regulations, questions rise about their respective fields of application. This research project comprises a study of the division and fragmentation of competences across different authorities with regard to youth delinquency and youth aid. On the bases of this study, cooperation agreements between the Communities and the federal authorities will be developed.
Effective start/end date17/02/2031/12/20


  • jeugdrecht

Flemish discipline codes in use since 2023

  • Youth and life course criminology


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